• Me: where did you get this book
  • Dad: yeah
  • Me: did you buy it?
  • Dad: no
  • Me: did you steal it?
  • Dad: yeah
  • Me: wait what
  • Dad: someone threw it away
  • Me: did you dumpster dive?
  • Dad: yeah
  • Me: ok bye dad i

can i just ctrl + z my life

you know that moment when you really start to like someone and its for sure. like you tell people you like that person and you get this bubbly feeling all over. it’s honestly the best feeling. then it all fades when you find out that person doesn’t like you back.

i just really want to have a long sit down talk with a boy i like in a coffee shop. there would be jazz playing in the background and maybe he’d know one of the songs and start humming along. we’d just spend forever in the coffee shop until it closes, then he’d walk me home and give me a cute little kiss on the cheek and then later text me goodnight. ugh why can’t this happen already